C-lone was a game designed and created by four students for a final university project in 2018 using the Unity game engine. We started the process by pitching original ideas to each other and deciding on one that was appropriate for our current skills and limited 12 week time-frame. We decided on this 2D Pixel-art puzzle platformer as its simple physics and art-style would allow us to focus more on level design over functionality. This simplicity allowed us to focus on the various gaming techniques used to teach the player our games mechanics as well as guide them throughout the levels.

As our first official game from start to finish, we were all proud that our project turned out a success. Our final demonstration received a High Distinction mark and was showcased along with two other projects at our universities Computing Industry Networking Event.

Install instructions

1. Download the 'c-lone_win.zip' file
2. Extract the folder within
3. Run the 'C-lone.exe' file


c-lone win.zip 23 MB


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Not tested Windows version but in HTML5 version something is wrong with pulling. He's pulling a little bit and then just walking in that direction instead of pulling.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention! It's definitely only happening on the HTML5 version :( I'll have to find a fix to that asap